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    Dedication Leadership
  • Women's Rights &  Immigration Reform
    Common Sense Approach to Women's Rights & Immigration Reform

Our platform

Building a better Democracy for America.

Protecting Women's Rights

• Defending Women’s Access to Complete Health Care including Access to Contraception and Personal Decisions

• Defending Planned Parenthood

• Defending Equal Pay for Women

Protecting LBGTQ Rights

• Restoring Title 9 Protections

• Restoring Transgender Bathrooms

• Projecting Civil Rights

Military and Veteran Services and VA Care

• Social Programs Aimed at Supporting Military

• Restoring Childcare for Military Families

• Rental Housing Programs for Military

Repairing the American Healthcare System

• Restructuring the Affordable Care Act

• Reducing Healthcare Premiums

• Tax Subsidies for Employer Sponsored Health Care Participants

• Setting Federal Limitations of Pharmaceutical Cost

• Creating a sole source Medical and Dental Care Program for all Americans

Environmental and Ecological System Repair

• Fighting for Clean Air and Water

• Researching and Sponsoring Climate Control Programs and Agreements Domestically and Internationally

Commonsense Immigration Reform

• Moratorium Periods for Undocumented Immigrant Registration Period

• Stricter Laws for Persons Fraudulently Pandering to Undocumented Immigrants and Providing False Document

You Will Impact 2018

Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.